Tonje Høydahl Sørli

tapestry, comics and random writings

Mannen i den vakre hagen, tegneserie /comic,side 1
Mannen i den vakre hagen, tegneserie /comic, side 2
Mannen i den vakre hagen, side 3
Ikke snu deg
Flashback, side 1
Flashback, side 2
Engel, side 1
Engel, side 2
Indifference, side 1
Indifference, side 2
Indifference, side 3
17 mai, side 1
17 mai, side 2
Inne i der, side 1
Inne i der, side 2
Inne i der, side 3
17 mai, side 3
Sinna, side 1
Sinna, side 2
The Shame, side 2
The Shame, side 1

Mannen i den vakre hagen

Immersed in Another World is a comic-book project existing of several short stories. My aim with this project is to focus on how dissociation can become a coping-strategie for those that experience traumas, either from young age, or as youth. The project has received funding from Eckboes legater and Kunstløftet.





Ikke snu deg!




17 mai



Inne i der

The Shame

Melancollie side 1
Melancollie side2

The stories told in Immersed in Another World are not based on one true story, they are fiction, but the fragmentation of memory is as true as it can be. The fragmentation makes your memory blurry, and in a need to remember you try to fill in the gaps. The drawn characters are also fictive people although coming from my brain. The piece on driving to a party with a stuffed car is from my early youth, and is partly truth and partly fiction. I think everyone should have the option it is to come to terms with traumas, and heal. If you accidently became an offender in your youth, accept that and the others healing. Interview on the project here:

Running Fox