Running Fox

Tonje Høydahl Sørli

tapestry, comics and random writings

Spontan kvinnelig affekt!
We dont Know what the Little Bird Sings! Its a songreference in this piece: We No Who U R by Nick Cave.

You can see some of my tapestries at American Tapestry Alliance where Jessica Hemmings has curated the exhibition From Back to Front.

Soloshow, Billedvev / Tapestry Paris, 2014
A Critical Culimination!
Clean, Sober Reflection!
When Grief Comes, hammock.
Escape Attempts!

On the project Immersed in Another World here: Kunstløftet

Find Weaving New Worlds’ catalogue on ISUU. It is published to accompany the exhibition of the same name at the William Morris Gallery.


Interview in Form n. 3/2018 on my works by Bibbi Omtveit


Coming up!: A little book- ofriendship in your youth.


One of my tapestries is now at THREAD: Contemporary Textiles,  Rheged Centre, in Penrith, Cumbria. This til 30th June 2019. 


The project When Grief Comes was shown at LANDART 2015 in Ask. In this project I  focused on the healing aspects nature, music and birds can have for those that are in need of healing and of seeing an end to misery. The Bluebird is an old symbol of hope and new beginnings. The shelter is made by Kjetil Sivertsen and Odd J. Martinsen.

When Grief Comes, Gapahuken/The shelter is made by Kjetil Sivertsen and Odd J. Martinsen
When Grief Comes, book for your songs

For info about the project When Grief Comes, scroll down!

 Trine Lotte Krogseth has written about 8 artists from Nord Trøndelag:

The Project When Grief Comes has its own playlist on Spotify: Birds and Trees, Playlist Landart 2015. Listen!

Check this new website on contemporary textile art by Helen Adams--->

Trendtablet also have articles on textile.

She is Lost in Thought
Bloom! & Jolly Future! 2016
Bloom! & Jolly Future!
Apply Your Energy in the Spirit of Love #1, 2006

For more tapestries and also textile prints, have a look under lyrics



A Time Beyond Time etc
Try to Relax!
You Will Reach a New Understanding!









My ongoing project is Little Bird, Big Wolf, on power and roles, made for and to children. Last shown at Tøyen Deichmanske, and William Morris Gallery. Supported by Norsk Kulturfond(Kunstløftet).

Brittle Little
Brittle, Little & The Brutal Truth
8 kunstnere fra Nord Trøndelag, foto og prosjekt av Trine Lotte Krogseth